Fantastic locations!

Stay for free - Micro Davos:

We are not in Davos but many would say that our locations are even more spectacular. We do not hold big conventions but we make stronger ties and come up with great world bettering strategies.

Some of our themes:

  • Biodiversity

  • Demonstrable successful Covid-19 strategies

  • Affordable housing

  • Monetary policy for economic growth

  • International relations based on the needs and desires of new generations

  • Credible marketing communications

  • Online education and research

  • Healthy living

  • Alternative lifestyles

  • Living in a black hole

  • Pollution

  • Diversity in news

  • Celebrating doing good

By participating in our discussions we can increase our joint knowledge and come up with better solutions or ways of spreading our wisdom, especially scientists and others who are highly educated or experienced individuals such as business people.

Politicians can participate and hopefully implement some of the great ideas we come up with.

Celebrities are also welcome and by the virtue of their names (in the region where they are famous) can help us spread our world-bettering messages.

People can stay for a short time or if they really would like to volunteer, for two weeks or longer. Such an arrangement might suit anybody. For example people taking a break from work or school, people who are unemployed or who have retired.

Our place suits people who are into healthy living, people who like nature, people who like to better themselves and to communicate, people who are open minded and tolerant of people with different origins and lifestyles.

Even the time spent engaging in activities that appear to have nothing to do with our projects may help our projects. For we may still be speaking or talking about the topic at hand and / or strengthening the connection between us.

We participate in various activities. For example we cook together, hike, listen to music, dance, exercise, visit spas, do cross country skiing, snowshoeing or jog.

You can also just relax and enjoy the view, read, go sightseeing or ski.

Please contact us or register using the form below (please note that most fields are optional - so you only need to give as much information as you like):